Richard Boyd (Middle Morrey Farm, Whitchurch) has won £1000 of AB Neo ruminant products by entering a prize draw at UK Dairy Day in Telford.

Commenting on his win, Richard Boyd said, "These things never usually happen to me so I am thrilled to have won the prize. I have a 100% Friesian herd and so will be very interested to see the effect of the Axcelera-C on a selection of my calves, and how OptiPartum-C impacts the yield and performance of my cows".

The prize comprises Axcelera-C to accelerate calves and OptiPartum-C to boost the yield of postpartum cows.

Richard Boyd and his family have been farming Friesians for 40 years. He has 280 milking cows on his 150 hectare Shropshire farm.

Pictured from left to right:

Barry Rees (Carrs Billington), Richard Boyd (Middle Morrey Farm), Ben Helm (AB Neo).