AB Neo (A division of AB Agri Ltd) introduces OptiPartum-C, a scientific breakthrough that when added to the postpartum ration, boosts intake and helps to unlock the true performance of the cows' diet. Research shows that when using OptiPartum-C, there is:

  1. A potential cost saving through reduced use of protected fat with milk yield or constituents maintained or improved
  2. Improved body weight during the postpartum period
  3. Improved fertility associated with reduced body condition loss during the postpartum period.

The postpartum lifestage presents farmers with critical energy challenges and opportunities for short term and lifetime performance. Farmers want to deliver a healthy calf, optimise milk yield and quality and set strong fertility foundations for the next generation.

A new way to feed efficiency

Adding OptiPartum-C to the postpartum ration optimises dry matter and energy intake and unlocks limiting factors in cow performance - enabling them to utilise energy where they need it, be it milk production, body condition or fertility.


A remarkable feature of OptiPartum-C is that is contains only 1/3 of the energy value of fats and research shows that it can replace 50% of protected fats in a ration, saving farmers money and helping to optimise their cows' performance in the critical postpartum period and beyond. Research at Schothorst Feed Research BV showed that with OptiPartum-C in the ration, half the protected fat can be removed without affecting yield and at the same time, improving postpartum body weight compared to a ration containing only protected fats.

Jonathan Raw, a dairy farmer in Skipton, UK has been using OptiPartum-C for several months, " Since adding OptiPartum-C to my ration, my milk yield is more consistent even when changing silages and the appearance of the dung has also improved. I have been able to reduce my C16 fat feed rate by 50% without reducing yield or butterfat percentage in the milk and have also noticed that my cows maintain intakes and yield better through periods of potential heat stress. OptiPartum-C is saving me money and also improving the consistency of my cows' performance".

OptiPartum-C uses proprietary formulation and process technology that works through the synergistic combination of naturally occurring appetite enhancers, and uniquely activated ingredients.

Unique 2-in-1 action

1. Stimulates higher dry matter intake

The greater the DMI, the greater the nutrient intake particularly when appetite is suppressed early in lactation, helping to reduce the severity of the negative energy balance.

2. Removes limiting factors in the ration

The modern high-yielding dairy cow has been selectively bred to produce ever greater quantities of milk.  Ration performance is one of the limiting factors in achieving the cow's true potential, where the cow routinely under yields against what the ration predicts. OptiPartum-C helps to unlock more efficient energy and protein utilisation in the cow's ration.

For best results OptiPartum-C is recommended:

  1. PrePartum: 3 weeks before calving, introduce 50g of OptiPartum-C/head/day to the ration.
  2. PostPartum & Beyond: If using protected fats, replace 50% of fats in the ration with OptiPartum-C. Minimum 100g/head/day to be added to ration.
  3. If not using fats then add 200g/head/day.

Malcolm Beaton, AB Neo's general manager commented, "We're interested in providing a strong postpartum period for cows as research shows this helps milk yield and crucially, strong fertility foundations for the next generation. No matter how good our rationing is there are always limiting factors and OptiPartum-C works with the cow to help her release the true performance of the feed.

Farmers can see this for themselves using our sieve test. After 3 weeks on OptiPartum-C the particle size of the cow's dung is much finer showing improved digestion and utilisation of the ration. We want transition cows to get the best from their diet and I find it amazing that by substituting half of the supplementary fats with OptiPartum-C that only has 1/3 of the energy content of fats farmers can achieve comparable milk yield performance, and save money".

OptiPartum-C: The first product in AB Neo's Partum+ Concept

OptiPartum-C is AB Neo's first product under its Partum+ Concept which recognises that the pre and postpartum lifestage is fundamental to the performance, longevity and fertility of the cow.

By focusing on the transition cow as her metabolic needs change dramatically,  the Partum+ Concept's aim is to set strong foundations for the next generation.

OptiPartum-C is available in 20kg bags.