Improved milk yield
Farm trials show that Optipartum-C+ can improve early, mid and late lactation performance on individual cows.
  • Cows typically take 3 weeks to respond. 

  • Optipartum-C+ added to the ration in a 250 cow herd

  • Cows at different stages of lactation showed a positive response

  • Arrows indicate when Optipartum-C+ was added to the ration. 40 days prior to lactation curve being analysed.

OC+ lactation curves
Reduced starch excretion
Dung analysis sampled from numbered cows pre and post OptiPartum-C+ was added to the ration showed a significant reduction in starch.

Adding Optipartum-C+ to the ration enables the cow to digest starch and fibre more efficiently.

Dung samples were removed from individually numbered cows before adding OptiPartum-C+ and 30 days after adding the product.

The table below clearly shows how Optipartum-C+ reduces the starch excreted by cows - delivering extra milk volume.

Starch content of dung samples (%). DM basis
  Pre trial Post trial Reduction % reduction
Cow 1 3.47 2.29 -1.18 -34%
Cow 2 4.65 2.14 -2.51 -54%
Cow 3 2.77 1.14 -1.63 -59%
Cow 4 3.85 2.27 -1.58 -41%
Cow 5 2.37 1.91 -0.46 -19%
Cow 6 3.24 1.11 -2.13 -66%
Mean 3.39 1.81 -1.58 -46%


  1. Ration starch: 19.1%

  2. Average starch in dung prior to Optipartum-C+: 3.39%

  3. Average starch in dung 30 days after Optipartum-C+: 1.81%

  4. Starch excretion reduced by 46%

The improved starch digestion on this farm delivered an extra 2 litres of milk


Fresh cows peak higher
Farmers see their fresh cows peak higher 40 days after adding Optipartum-C+
  • 20% starch in diet.

  • On day 40 he reported only a 0.5l average improvement in yield.

  • Farmer then reported a significant jump in overall yield after 40 days

  • Milk records show volume increase due to fresh cows peaking higher


Early lactation boost

Increase in overall milk solids
Addition of Optipartum-C+ to the ration increased milk yield and overall solids collected

Optipartum-C+ added on the red line, during the heatwave of summer 2018

  • 300+ cows

  • 18% starch in ration

(Change to silage and ration 31st July)

Increase in total protein kg collection 
Increase in total income
Increase in total fat kg collection


Collection volumes
Collection volumes increased
Lactation curve extended
The addition of Optipartum-C+ to the ration increases and extends the lactation significantly across all cows.

A 200 milking cow unit in Bulgaria (Borjana Zlatanova, Jeljazno) used OC+ for an initial 30 day evaluation.

  • 200 milking cows
  • 200g/h/day OC+ added
  • 34% starch diet

Average yield increased from 29 litres to 31 litres. 

When comparing cows at the same stages of lactation pre and post using OC+, the positive impact was seen across all stages of lactation.

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