Axcelera-P bag
Axcelera-P 12.5kg bag


The World's First Accelerator for Pigs

Axcelera-P is AB Neo’s first Accelerator for pigs, where each piglet is only offered a total of 200g from day 4 and through the first few weeks resulting in finishing pigs heavier or earlier. Accelerators are products that when delivered to the gut in neonates, are proven to take animal performance to a higher trajectory than could be achieved using conventional best practice. As a result, they accelerate the performance of animals above their peers.

Lifetime Performance. Reduced Piglet Mortality. Improved Uniformity.

A combination of academic (Leeds University, Harper Adams University) and commercial trials have proven the concept of Axcelera-P. The data show that there are 3 fundamental benefits:

  1. An improvement in lifetime performance – reaching slaughter 4 days earlier or 4kgs heavier.
  2. Reduced piglet mortality – proving to be very effective with hyperprolific sows.
  3. Improved uniformity of pigs at weaning.

It’s best not to think of Accelerators such as Axcelera-P in terms of offering a better feed or a new diet. That is what makes them such a breakthrough. Axcelera-P has non-feed features in how it performs and is produced. It uses a proprietary formulation and a new production technology to activate specific ingredients that create a novel effect whose performance is greater than the sum of the parts.

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