A farm trial in Hungary showed an increase in nursery exit weight of 4.3kg and reduced post weaning mortality from 12.5% to 1.71%.

18 litters were offered Axcelera-P, vs a control of 18 litters on the standard creep feed. They were weaned at 37 days.

Piglets were offered on average 274g of Axcelera-P and then moved onto the standard pre-starter. The control was to use the standard creep feed and pre-starter

Axcelera-P piglets eat less and grow more

Feed intake per piglet: 

  • Control: 852g
  • Axcelera-P: 274g & 359g Prestarter = 634g

Average weaning wt: 

As is typial of the Accelerator-effect, there is little difference in weaning weights.

  •  Control: 9.19kg
  • Axcelera-P: 9.83kg

Average weight out of the nursery:

The Accelerator-effect then sees the Axceler-P pigs accelerate, showing a significant difference out of the nursery. This growth difference increases further throughout life.

  • Control: 30.1kg
  • Axcelera-P: 34.4kg


Mortality up to weaning is greatly reduced.

  • Control: 12.5%
  • Axcelera-P: 1.71%

These results demonstrate again how by offering an Accelerator to the neonate, lifetime performance can be achieved by making only one change early on in the animal's life.