Tuls 4
Calves are housed in rows of 300 hutches until weaning

Jerry Braun, manager of the Tuls calf ranch (New Mexico - USA) explained, "Since using Axcelera-C I have seen 5 main benefits.

1. Reduction in weaning age by up to 10 days, based on a dry matter intake of greater than 5lbs (2.25kg) at 55 days of age. This is a reflection on how our Axcelera-C blend is enabling calves to eat more at an earlier age.

2. My greatest financial saving is due to the reduction in labor by being able to wean earlier, use fewer medications and health related issues - all of which take time.

3. As a result of the dry matter intake and accelerated rumen development, my daily weight gains are greater, with calves achieving 15lbs (approx. 7kg) extra weight gain in the first 80 days.

4. By delivering more energy earlier into our calves, they have responded positively. The biggest advantage we see is in the smoother transitioning from individual hutches to calves being grouped in corals.

5. Calves are very uniform in size and are generally healthier."

Tuls 3
The extensive scale of the Tuls calf ranch - New Mexico

Jerry commented, "Since using Axcelera-C we feel as though our calves have performed to their maximum capabilities and the payoff in weight gains and lower medicine costs has more than compensated for the cost of the product'. My dairy clients have commented that the quality of the calves I am producing for them has improved. They have noticed their calves are better in several areas: Healthier calves when returned back to them. Heavier calves by over 20lb (9kg) at the same age and less medication required once returned back to the dairy."

Tuls 1
Axcelera-C is mixed into the grains (starter feed) at 25%

Jerry started using Axcelera-C in December 2016, mixing it in to their grain (starter blend) at 25% from day 15 to day 45.