In order to evaluate the performance of Axcelera-C on the growth rate of calves in the first 4 weeks, 2 groups of Holstein calves in South Africa were offered:

1. Calf milk replacer & Axcelera-C

2. Calf milk replacer & hay

After 31 days the Axcelera-C calves

1. Weighed on average 7kg more

2. Were consuming 2kg of dry matter each per day compared to the control group's 900g - 1.2kg / day

What's happening to the calves?

The Axcelera-C has stimulated rapid early rumen development so that the intakes of total dry matter were greater in the Accelerated calves. This has led to greater weight gain and an increased growth rate. Axcelera-C is aiding the calf to achieve its true genetic potential.

This means that these calves will wean earlier and the extra daily live weight gain will yield extra milk in the first lactation at a rate of an extra 225L for every additional 100g of DLWG pre-weaning.

Early rumen development enables the calf to release more energy earlier, partitioning that extra energy towards growth, immune response, vigour and vitality, depending on the calf's particular limiting factors.