Axcelera-C is readily accepted by calves that are only 3-4 days old. Simply put some on your hand and offer it to the calf; she will smell it and then 'suckle it' from your hand - and then look for some more.

At this age, the instinct of very young calves is to suckle milk. They are less inclined to look for food below the height at which they suckle. That's why they take Axcelera-C when offered on your hand, but can show less interest if the Axcelera-C is offered at the bottom of a bucket.


Traditionally, buckets filled to the top with water or starter feed are reasonably accessible to a calf, and as each calf only requires a little Axcelera-C in the first 1-2 weeks, a small amount on the bottom of a deep bucket is going to discourage intakes, just when you need them to be maximised.

This Wydale feeder is perfect for presenting fresh Axcelera-C to calves at the right height from day 3.

To offer Axcelera-C at the right height, farmers are using troughs and even a dog bowl placed on top of a bucket for the first 2 weeks. We love the Wydale feeder approach, particularly for grouped calves, as a whole bag of Axcelera-C can be added to the sealed hopper which keeps it fresh. It replenishes itself as the calves consume the pellets, being offered at just the right height. Perfect for optimal intakes.