Northumberland beef farmer sees his DLWG increase from 0.92kg to 1.45kg

I Renton, High Highlaws, Morpeth started using Optipartum-C+ on his beef cattle 60 days prior to finishing.

A high forage - low cereal ration (35% starch) had been typically delivering a DLWG in the last 60 days of 0.92kg.

Dung quality and consistency has improved, demonstrating much better starch (and fibre) digestion - with a shorter fibre length now also being seen in the dung.

Weighing the cattle every 2 weeks, since adding Optipartum-C+ his cattle are now achieving a higher weighted average DLWG of 1.45kg - an increase of an extra 530g/h/day.

Buoyed up by the response, and to boost starch conversion across all stock, they are now adding OC+ to the ration for the younger beef cattle as well.

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