The Axcelera-C System
The Axcelera-C System
The faster and more efficient way to rear high performance calves

The Axcelera-C Calf Rearing System combines the unique accelerating power of Axcelera-C with a specifically formulated Axcelera-C Calf Milk Replacer.

  • Delivers cost-effective faster calf growth
  • Easy-to-use and flexible system
  • Optimises milk and solid feed intakes


The world's first accelerator for calves

Axcelera-C is a faster and more efficient way of optimising the lifetime performance of calves. Its unique 40% lactose formulation means calves recognise it as ‘milk’ and eat it from 4 days – up to 3 weeks earlier than a starter feed.

Axcelera-C - 40% Lactose
Axcelera-C - 40% Lactose
  • Calves eat from day 4
  • More energy for health & growth
  • Accelerates rumen development
  • Reduces growth check at weaning
  • Enables earlier weaning

Axcelera-C Calf Milk Replacer

Accelerates dry matter and energy intakes

Axcelera-C CMR is a super-premium milk replacer designed to deliver sufficient high quality nutrition to the calf whilst encouraging it to eat more solid feed earlier. It can be used on its own or for best results with Axcelera-C to accelerate rumen development. Calves reach 1.5kg daily dry matter intake earlier, delivering accelerated post-weaning performance. 

Axcelera-C Calf Milk Replacer - 46% Lactose

  • 46% lactose
  • 100% milk protein
  • Suitable for machine or bucket feeding
  • Formulated to optimise Axcelera-C performance

Optimising Calf milk replacer and solid feed intakes

How a calf milk replacer is formulated and fed will affect a calf's solid feed intake and its growth up to weaning and beyond. Axcelera-C CMR is designed to deliver sufficient high quality nutrition to the calf whilst encouraging it to eat earlier. When mixed at 125g/l and fed optimally with Axcelera-C, rumen development is accelerated leading to earlier weaning at 1.5kg daily dry matter intake - delivering accelerated post-weaning performance. 

46% Lactose

Calves are designed for lactose in their early weeks of life. They produce high levels of lactase - the lactose digesting enzyme to break it down as a fast source of energy. Axcelera-C calf milk replacer brings high levels of lactose to the calf - even higher than the 40% lactose content of Axcelera-C.

100% Milk Protein

All protein in Axcelera-C CMR is 100% from milk. Calves digest this superior quality formulation better than inferior milk replacers containing vegetable protein.