Since using Axcelera-C on his calves, Alex Robertson (Coopon Carse) is seeing:

  1. Calves achieving target of 85kg +10% by 8 weeks, and accelerate after weaning
  2. No growth check at weaning - Calves grow stronger on a rising growth rate
  3. Calves showing improved health and vitality, with significantly fewer cases of pneumonia
  4. Improved homogeneity in growth and performance across all calves.

I have been using Axcelera-C for nearly 12 months now on my individually reared calves. They are fed 100% Axcelera-C for the first 3 weeks to accelerate rumen development and I then blend  Axcelera-C at 15% with my starter feed until weaning. By offering Axcelera-C at suckling height in a feeding bowl placed in a bucket, calves start eating by day 4 and intakes are greater.

Alex Robertson - Coopon Carse, Newton Stewart.